Thwaites have been brewing their famous beers at Eanam, Blackburn for over 200 years with the inside of the historic landmark rarely documented for the public.

In 2015, Richard Tymon embarked on a self initiated photographic residency with the brewery, capturing the whole estate throughout the decommissioning stage, while incorporating the remaining Crafty Dan brewery and the working Stables.

The remaining machinery is testament to how significant Thwaites were in the industry through manufacturing on such large scale. Details such as wooden air conditioning systems remained in situ along with a control room and lab that remained largely untouched.

Within weeks of producing the work, even more of the brewing equipment was removed and one by one the lights began to go out for the last time, resulting in the project recording a genuine moment, never to be revisited.

This body of work body has captured the decommissioning stage along with the thriving micro brewery and eventually the transition to the brewery’s new home in Mellor Brook. Thwaites has been a significant part to Blackburns social and economic landscape for two centuries and hopefully the imagery may spark some fond memories with the many people it engaged with.


The project has kindly been very kindly supported by the following partners:

thwaites_logo_2011-svg bwdc-logohlf-heritage-lottery-fund

Visit richardtymon.com for information about the photographer

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